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Daeduck Lab. Co., Ltd. was born to be one of the most essential companies in the world, which is our reason for existence and corporate value.We are not another cosmetics company founded to compete in the cosmetics market saturated with tons of global businesses and products.

We are eager to fulfill customers' needs through valuable products and profound understanding of human beings that are more important than corporate profits based on economic logic.We are more interested in figuring out the beauty products that are momentous than the items that would be just popular on the market. For this, we seek technology development and innovation. We do our best to make cosmetics good for skin utilizing knowhow accumulated through consistent research & development, assessment and verification and provide trustworthy products based on our ethics. We also strive to make reliable and right suggestions and products rather than jump on the bandwagon. We are determined to keep our 'spirit of craftsmanship' alive.

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